Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's Talk Some Comedy

Well, here I am. Writing a blog about some stuff that I like. I thought it would be fitting to write about comedy, since that's what I enjoy the most. Is that how you do this? I write about things that I like... right? Whatever, let the narcissism begin!

So, anyway, about me: I really like comedy. I think I'm pretty funny, I can make some people laugh. However, I can usually only make some peeps laugh when I am making fun of myself. My friend, Michael said one time, "You save people the trouble. When you do something dumb, you immediately make fun of yourself." At first I thought that was cool, then I was like, "Wait, people really think I do dumb things as much as I think I do dumb things... This is not good."

But then I realized I could turn this into something. Maybe self-deprecation is my thing. I can put together a whole routine making fun of myself! It's perfect. I can tell stories and just make fun of myself the whole time. I've been greatly influenced by some podcasts I've been listening to lately. The Moth and RISK! podcasts are all about people getting up and telling stories. The Moth Podcast usually has some humorous stories and some serious stories. But the funny ones really make you LOL (as the kids are saying).

The Moth does these things in different cities called StorySLAMS. And guess what, there is one in Chicago! It's the last Tuesday of every month. And anyone can participate! The last Tuesday of February has passed, but the end of March will be here before you know it. Just go to http://www.themoth.org/storyslams_chicago to get all the information you need, if you're interested. This tells you about the storySLAMS in Chicago, but also gives you a link to the sweet podcast that comes out once a week.

RISK! is all about the funnies, ya'll. For real. It's hosted by Kevin Allison, a member of the now-disbanded then-hot 90's comedy group, The State. I am not joking when I say that this stuff is hilarious. People do not hold back when telling stories on this podcast. Hence the name. Most of the stories come from their live shows in New York and are told by comedian friends of Kevin's. So, you occasionally hear old State members like Ben Garant (Deputy Junior on Reno! 911) Kerry Kinney-Silver (Trudy on Reno! 911) Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black (Michael and Michael Have Issues). I cannot get enough of this podcast, it's a shame it comes out every other Tuesday. If you want to know more info about the live shows or you want to download the podcast or whatever, here is the website for that: http://risk-show.com.

So, if I ever have a one woman show about me making fun of myself, it will definitely be in the style of The Moth storySLAM and/or RISK!. I strongly recommend that you check out both of these podcasts. Now that I've talked about comedy, and built myself up to be a 'funny gal', I feel like I need to end this on a real funny note. But I got nothing...

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